Does Pet Butler walk if it’s a wet day?
We walk whether it’s sunny, rainy or even snowy! (that’s never happened..) If yours is an ‘inside’ dog, rather than a ‘yard’ dog, we are happy to dry them off if needed – a towel left for us is always appreciated.

Do the dogs go off leash, or on leash?
Normally off leash as they get a better quality of exercise that way. However if the dog is a ‘flight risk’, or the owner prefers a leash walk, we can cater for that too. Naturally, with new dogs they will not go off-leash straight away: we conduct an introduction process, then we trial them with a long training leash, before they then graduate to off-leash.

What times are the walks conducted?
Walks are Monday to Friday and we can work with you, the owner , on a preferred time period. We cannot do ‘appointment walks’ for a specific pickup time, but we can offer a pickup ‘slot’; be it morning or afternoon, or ‘not before 10am’, etc.

What about public holidays and holiday periods?
We take a break on public holidays and the two weeks over Christmas and New Years, as the owners are normally home. For other school holiday periods, it’s ‘business as usual’.

What if I have a ‘regular’ walk schedule for my dog but I need to cancel or add a walk?
We’re very flexible. If you need to cancel or vary the schedule, we can accommodate that, and sometimes even at ‘the last minute’.

Does Pet Butler offer any discounts, or special offers?
For two-dog households, the first dog is the regular price, but the second dog gets a huge 40% discount! For ‘regulars’ who book 5 days, Mon-Fri, we can offer a 10% discount. (In the case of ‘two dogs, 5 days a week’, the greater discount only applies.)
We also have an ‘early bird’ offer: if we can make the pickup any time between 7am and 8am and walk early, we can offer a 20% discount on a regular weekly booking. Note: Limited Area Offer: Cammeray, Crows Nest, Naremburn, Northbridge, Artarmon, plus Cremorne and Neutral Bay north of Military Road only. (Sorry, cannot be used with other offers.)

Do you offer holiday care?
Generally dogs do better boarding in (the right) kennels. However, if you have a mature, confident dog that can stay at home and is not prone to nuisance barking and behaviours we can talk about that.
However, on the cat front – an overwhelming YES. We are the largest provider of holiday cat care services on the lower north shore. We love the kitties just as much as the hounds!