Sydney Puppy Training Pre School Service

You’ll have your new dog for up to 15 years, but you only get one chance to establish lifelong patterns of good behaviour and manners.

The scary part is realizing that the learning window is very short and comes quite early in a dog’s development. At Pet Butler we’re firm believers that the typical ‘one-size-fits-all’ model of group puppy training is NOT the best approach.

puppy training

Our trainer in action

Individualised, one on one sessions can deliver quicker results with techniques and programmes more likely to ‘stick’ compared to the mass, often chaotic arena of a group class. Classes can have up to 12 puppies, which – whilst fun and adorable – can be extremely distracting for new puppies whose focus is limited at that age.

Our master trainer, David Marcellino, will come to your house and deliver a focused, personalised puppy training ‘class-of-one’ that covers all of the key areas necessary to ensure years of trouble-free pleasure from a well-behaved dog – and all delivered in the pup’s safe, familiar environment.

David will cover these topics:

 socialization methods

• how to make basic commands ‘stick’

• walking on lead

• handling unwanted behaviours like nipping and jumping up

• productive play

• toilet training

• diet / foods to avoid

• separation anxiety

• rules & boundaries / rewards & praise

• vaccination & monthly tablets

Check the advantages of puppy training in your home:

• individualised attention

• no travel to vets/parks. (puppy school  classes often conducted after work in rush hour conditions)

• distraction-free, safe and familiar environment

• save time – group classes often run over five weeks

• free follow up questions over the phone with the trainer


The Details:

Session duration: One and a half hours, minimum, plus free telephone follow up

Areas covered: Lower North Shore, Sydney

puppy training pricing

(We use only positive reinforcement techniques.)

The first 16 weeks of your dog’s life are the most important for shaping future behaviours. A well-mannered dog that knows its household role is a real, enduring pleasure.

Call 1800 820 144 to arrange a convenient session time or simply complete our online form and we’ll be in touch!

puppy training

David Marcellino, Pet Butler Trainer


Who Is David Marcellino?

David Marcellino is an experienced dog handler armed with the latest teaching methods and research. He has completed several dog behaviour and training courses including those run by the German Shepherd Dog League NSW and the Delta Society.

David has successfully trained his own German Shepherd to the highest level of obedience training; receiving titles, trophies and ribbons along the way. This was achieved by building a rapport with the dog, using positive reward based training with an innate understanding of how a dog thinks.

He is currently the owner of a rescue dog that came to him with no training and lacking socialization skills, however with some basic training and perseverance that has now changed; you can view video footage of them working together on this page.

David worked closely with the Australian Customs Detector Dog Unit during his years as a Customs Officer, giving him an insight into and knowledge of detection dog training. He is a dog training instructor at dog training clubs and currently is volunteer instructor at two local dog training clubs. This instructing requires leading classes from beginner to advanced obedience with all breeds of dogs.

David is a member of the APDT – Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc., and regularly attends their lectures and seminars, allowing him to keep up to date with and informed about the latest training methods as well as awareness of current studies regarding dog psychology and behaviour.

Check Out David in Action